Anyone else sick of the snow, the cold, and everything about winter?

I sure am, which is why I'm very excited to announce that today marks a very important milestone in the year.As of today, there are 100 days until Memorial Day Weekend 2013 (starting Saturday, May 24.)

Should you believe, like me, that the weekend technically starts on Friday night, then yay us! Less than 100 days to go until flip flops, cold drinks, and sand everywhere!

How about an official Memorial Day Weekend countdown clock?

Who's counting, you ask? All of us anti-winter types who are ready for summertime at the Jersey Shore!

So many things to do before MDW gets here...most important of all, getting all of our shore towns back up and running. This summer will be incredibly meaningful for all of us, and I'm hopeful that the Jersey Shore will be back (and better than ever!)

I know I'll be sitting here staring at those milliseconds until May!

What do hope to accomplish by Memorial Day Weekend? Tell us in the comment section below!