Here's the good news. According to an report, New Jersey is not among the states considered to be "most miserable". The bad news, we're not among the top 5 happiest states either.

The survey asked over a million and a half Americans about their overall physical and emotional health. The state that came in happiest in the study was Hawaii. I'd be pretty happy if I was in Hawaii right now, too. The state that came in at the bottom of the list was West Virginia. 

After the past few months, this might not be the time to ask about happiness in New Jersey, especially at the Jersey Shore. We've been through a lot. And for so many residents of the Jersey Shore this is a very difficult time.

Our well being index, according to is 66.1. The national average is 66.7. Our score keeps us out of the top 10 as well as out of the bottom 12.   

I will say this though. I love the Jersey Shore. I love the people. I love the places. I love the summer here. I love how we bonded together and still bond together to get through difficult times. Lioving at the Jersey Shore makes me very happy.