It's hard to believe Hurricane Sandy hit the Garden State three weeks ago Monday and ever since, there's been a huge outpouring of support from all over the country.

Damage from Sandy on the barrier islands (Toms River township)

In Ocean County, an area that was hit hard by the superstorm, officials are looking at ways to make the cleanup and recovery process easier for all involved. This goes for the people affected by the disaster and those who are there to pick up the pieces.

Hundreds of non-profits, faith-based organizations and volunteer groups are taking part in a new initiative sponsored by the Ocean County Department of Human Services. The plan is for a long term recovery committee that will make sure everything runs smoothly and effectively as one cohesive group. Communication is a vital component in life and sometimes when people aren't on the same page, it can lead to confusion, redundancy or other problems.

Human Services Director Jill Perez says, "In the coming days, an online Google group will be set up so all involved parties can keep in constant contact. We feel this is important to a successful restoration of services and recovery process. We have a long road ahead since this was a disaster none of us had ever seen before or were even prepared for."

While tons of food, clothing, water and cleaning supplies have been donated, other items like cameras and even pens and paper are needed for insurance claims. It would be something this group would be able to put the word out for and assemble the necessary items for those people needing aid.

Perez adds, "The more unified the effort, the better equipped all the organizations will be at meeting those needs and demands."

Members of non profits, faith-based organizations and volunteer take part in the a meeting sponsored by the Ocean County Department of Human Services to help plan for long term recovery (Jason Allentoff, Townsquare Media NJ)

The group held their first meeting yesterday at the Holiday Inn of Toms River. About 200 people turned out from various organizations including federal, local and state government entities. A small list included FEMA, The Red Cross, The Salvation Army and even educators and local stakeholders.