It's hard to believe that it was just in April that a defenseless 15-year-old cocker spaniel was left in a garbage bag on the side of the road in Wall. Thanks to the kindness of many, Sammy has made a full recovery and now has a new home.

Sammy's home! (photo: Sammy the Cocker spaniel Facebook page)

This message was posted on the Sammy the cocker spaniel Facebook page.

Dear Friends, I want to share with you the good news of my formal adoption by my Forever Family, the same family I've been with since leaving RBVH. I am very happy, secure knowing that I am very much loved by all in my family, especially my brothers and safe from any harm. We enjoy our privacy but are very much aware that you would enjoy visiting me and kissing me. But for my safety, it is best that we visit on line.

Love and prayers, Sammy. P.S., take a close look at what's written on the door mat. xoxoxoxo


Sammy's abusers had their day in court and are awaiting sentencing.