Just a little over a week ago things were not looking good for a cocker spaniel found in a plastic bag on the side of the road in Wall. Thanks to the miracle workers at the Red Bank Veterinary Hospital, "Samurai" is on his way to a full recovery.

Sammy's new friend. (photo: Red Bank Veterinary Hospital Facebook)

We've come to know him as "Sammy." But, last week, names were the least of anyone's concerns. Dropped off at the Associated Humaine Society in the black plastic bag he was found in, this dog was near death and on two separate IVs. The prognosis was not good.

Fast forward, and Sammy is eating on his own and walking a little too!

Social media has been buzzing about this cocker spaniel's fight. Words of support are being posted on the Red Bank Veterinary Hospital's Facebook page every couple of minutes.

God Bless you and the entire staff...you guys are awesome...

I look forward to seeing his sweet face each and evey day. He's such a special boy!! Thank you all for what you are doing for him!!

Thinking of you already Sammy as I sit on my bed lucky enough to give my 2 girl doggies lots of love. Your day is coming, already started by your angles at RBAH♥ We all love you boy!

One of many examples of the outpouring of support for Sammy. (photo: Red Bank Veterinary Hospital Facebook)


On St. Patrick's Day, RBVH reported Sammy was stable and taking small amounts of food.

Sammy celebrating the "wearin' 'o the green" (photo: Red Bank Veterinary Hospital Facebook)

On March 18th, Sammy begins eating on his own! He was licking the bowl dry. RBVH also started incorporating passive range of motion and massage for his hindlimbs, which is helping build strength.

Sammy starts eating. (photo: Red Bank Veterinary Hospital Facebook)

March 19th, Sammy's strength is shown on video by RBVH for the first time. He's starting to walk again.

March 20, Sammy does well overnight. RBVH started to offer him dry food in conjunction with his liquid diet and he gobbled it right up. He also started drinking water on his own. He was standing and continuing to walk slowly.

Sammy stands. (photo: Red Bank Veterinary Hospital)

On Thursday March 22, Sammy awoke in time for an appearance on the morning news. He continues to eat and drink on his own.

Friday March 22, Sammy shows off his "doggles" and RBVH show off their amazing skills and technology with cold laser therapy treatment. Laser therapy is being incorporated into Sammy's treatment plan to help ease discomfort caused by the inflammation in his ears.

Sammy sports his "doggles" and receives cool laser therapy. (photo: Red Bank Veterinary Hospital Facebook)

March 23, Sammy receives another cold laser therapy treatment for his ears but also his back and hips. The hope is that the treatments will strengthen his legs. He is completely eating on his own twice a day and loves his dry kibble soaked with some warm water. RBVH shared this video.

This morning, March 24, Sammy got cold laser therapy on his legs. Featured in the video is Kirsty, one of the many dedicated Red Bank Veterinary Hospital team members who came in on her day off to aid in Sammy's recovery.

The Jersey Shore is lucky to have the best team of specialists at Red Bank Veterinary Hospital. Samurai's recovery in just under 10 days is astonishing.

What's important to keep in mind is that there are many Samurai's out there. This is just one story. How can you help?

  • Adopt. Before you look to add an over-priced purebred to your family, consider visiting your local shelter and giving an animal who's had a tough life a new home.
  • Make a donation to your local animal shelter. Sammy is being taken care of very well thanks to some generous donations. But, he has many shelter friends who are in need of financial assistance.

Here are just a few great organizations to donate to.

AHS-Tinton Falls
2960 Shafto Road
Tinton Falls, NJ 07753
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Jersey Shore Animal Center
185 Brick Boulevard
Brick, NJ 08723
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Monmouth County SPCA
260 Wall St.
PO Box 93
Eatontown, NJ 07724
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Ocean County Animal Facility - North
615 Freemont Ave.
Jackson, NJ 08527
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