Is Too Much Praise Bad for Children? [AUDIO]
If you are flooding your children with over-exaggerated flattery in an effort to boost low self-esteem, you could be hurting rather than helping. That's according to a new study which finds that children who lacked confidence shied away from tough tasks after receiving hyped praise from their …
Mom Weeps at Eatontown Dad’s Trial
A man accused of fatally throwing his 2-year-old daughter, still strapped in her car seat and tied to a car jack, into a New Jersey creek said he planned for the girl's mother to accompany him the night the little girl died, according to a letter read Thursday at his trial.
Canning Lawyer: This Can’t Happen Again [AUDIO]
The attorney for Sean and Elizabeth Canning, whose daughter moved back home Tuesday night after suing them for financial support, urged the media and public to give the family some privacy, and expressed hope that similar cases don't arise.
NJ Has Heroin Epidemic, Says Lawmaker [AUDIO]
Heroin abuse and addiction is not gradually becoming an epidemic in the Garden State. It is an epidemic right now, according to one state legislator who has introduced a bill that provides stricter penalties for heroin-related crimes.

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