Every time we are expecting substantial snow, as we are today, I wonder which storms are considered the worst in New Jersey history, and many people point to the Great Blizzard of 1888.

When you look at the numbers regarding this horrendous Nor'easter, it is shocking. That storm, which, according to nj.com, occurred when two huge weather systems collided just off the coast of New Jersey just after midnight on March 13, 1888,  continued for over a day and a half, and dumped 40 inches of snow in parts of New Jersey, and with winds gusting to 40mph at times.

Snow drifts were reported to reach heights of upwards of 40 feet. One drift, in Gravesend, NY was measures at 52 feet, according to  wikipedia.com.

Some areas in the northeast reported a total snowfall of 50 inches, and wind gusts were reported at 80mph in spots. Many residents couldn't leave their homes for two weeks. It is reported that 400 people lost their lives due to the storm.