I finished my Christmas shopping way early this year. My family decided to do a Secret Santa exchange for the adults, which worked out really well and made life much easier. The only other gifts I had to buy were for my immediate family...I thought I did a decent job this year, until we opened the presents.

I'll put this out there: my brother and I are not close. He is only two years older than me, we live in the same house, we even share a bathroom...and yet, we barely speak. (Maybe it's because we have to share a bathroom -- but that's a story for another day.)

Our personalities don't quite seem to mesh, and it seems as though he is IMPOSSIBLE to please or impress in the slightest.

So when Christmas comes, I try in earnest to get him something he will really appreciate, enjoy, or somehow get a kick out of. This year, I fully admit, that I gave up on that. I asked Mama C what he wanted, she said all he wanted was cash, and poof, wish granted.

Yes. I, a card-carrying member of the Personal Gift-Giving Society, put cash in an envelope and hoped for the best...knowing I would likely get some kind of gift card in return.

And then I opened the gift he got me.

A charm bracelet. Not exactly my style, but still very nice. Luckily, Mama C noticed the receipt while cleaning up the wrapping paper hurricane, and pointed out that I could return it if I didn't think I would wear it. So I check the receipt, and I realize that just one of these tiny beads is worth more than what I gave him.

This gift cost him a pretty penny. WAY more than he should have spent on me. And now I feel like a jerk. And now it's so tremendously awkward because I know I probably won't wear it...so do I exchange it for something I WOULD wear? Should i return it and give him some extra money?

Who knew receiving jewelry could be so stressful!

What would you do? Leave us your comments below!