Tired of hearing about Beyonce's baby bump? How about baby bumps in general? You're not alone. The term has landed on this year's "List of Words Banished from the Queen's English for Misuse, Overuse and General Uselessness" from Michigan's Lake Superior State University. Others that made the cut?

Occupy - I think we can all agree we've had enough of this one. Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Twitter, Occupy our time!! Go occupy a hobby, will you??

Man Cave - I don't really mind this one too much. Anything that can keep a man entertained while I'm taking forever to get ready is okay by me.

Ginormous - Color me guilty. I use this one all the time. Yes, it's completely made up, and it probably is overused, but more often than not it perfectly describes the situation.

Amazing - We should all be so lucky has to have too many amazing things in our lives!

The New Normal - Some things are just ridiculous. When talking about what is currently considered 'normal', it's not new, it's just different. And there is no normal anyway!!

What are some words or phrases that you think are completely overused? Comment below!