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There are dirty jobs everywhere and somebody's gotta do them. Sanitation workers, HAZMAT teams, and event clean-up crews are just some of the people who deserve praise for withstanding the daily filth associated with the job. Outsiders may call New Jersey “dirty” but it's actually a pretty decent place and for maintaining this, we pay tribute to all the New Jerseyans with Dirty Jobs! Here's a look at the Top 7 dirtiest and most under-appreciated cleaning jobs in New Jersey!

Outsiders may call New Jersey “dirty” but it's actually a pretty decent place to live and for maintaining this, we pay tribute to all the New Jerseyans with Dirty Jobs!

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New Jersey Transit Train and Bus Cleaners



Any closed-in space that exchanges thousands of people a given day is a certified germ station. Operating 2,027 buses, 711 trains and 45 light rail vehicles, New Jersey Transit is the nation's third largest transportation provider and a great resource for travelers, but it's certainly far from the cleanest. People who are responsible for keeping our trains and buses tidy are brave – we can only imagine some of the disgusting things they must see on a daily basis!


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People Who Clean Up After the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Hoboken



Frankly, the crew who cleans the streets after any big festival or parade deserves huge kudos. We chose the Hoboken St. Pat's Parade for one major reason: completely wasted young adults. It's no secret that intoxicated people do some pretty outrageous things, and in recent years, the aftermath of this parade has been out of control as a result. Past incident reports included several accounts of fights, open containers, wild parties, and public urination. Not many people would want to clean up after all that!


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The Atlantic City Beach Clean-Up Crew


If you've ever ventured outside of the beautiful casinos in Atlantic City, you may have noticed that human beings are not the only beach dwellers there. To control a huge rodent problem years ago, cats were placed under the boardwalk. Luckily the issue was solved. Well…one issue. Besides picking up the garbage left by the huge crowd of beach-goers every year, having to maintain the “litter” of several stray cats is no easy job! In fact, the people who also clean Seaside, Wildwood, Asbury Park and Ocean City should all receive praise for their work on the Jersey Shore beaches!


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People Who Clean New Jersey's Abandoned Homes, Buildings, and Factories


We've all seen historical remnants of great buildings and architecture that made New Jersey cities the gorgeous, industrial masterpieces that they once were. So the question is…what happens to a building that just sits in its place after so many years? For the homes and buildings that are renovated, they must first be cleaned. Anyone who can bear the chemicals, animal infestations, dust, mold or dirt leftover must be strong and fearless.


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Staffers Who Clean Up After the Animals at Six Flags Great Adventure's Wild Safari



Those with pets will agree – it's all fun and games until it's time to clean up the poop! Can you imagine what's in store for the employees at Six Flags Great Adventure's Wild Safari whose jobs are to clean up after the elephants, giraffes, lions, monkeys and rhinos? The park is always clean, and therefore we take our hats off to the crew who maintains the 350-acre wildlife preserve housing 1,200 exotic animals.


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Met Life Stadium's Post Event Port-O-Potty Cleaners



People who can bear to stand in the Port-O-Potty lines at the concerts at Met Life Stadium without passing out are courageous, so anybody who has to go in after the fact and clean them deserves a huge reward! Portable toilets have come a long way – some now include sinks, antibacterial liquid and even a flusher. However, they remain notoriously known for being completely disgusting!


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Everyday Garbage Collectors



If you haven't heard, New Jersey is the most densely populated state in America and a lot of people means a lot of cars, homes, and…trash. This means that our sanitation workers have their hands full, riding in awfully-smelling trucks picking up endless amounts of torn, leaky bags of disgusting rotten food and garbage. For enduring these measures on a daily basis, these people deserve only the best!