It was a staple of the Seaside Heights skyline, and in a matter of seconds it was gone forever. Today, the Funtown Pier Ferris Wheel was brought down.

Funtown Pier ferris wheel days before demolishion (photo: Facebook)

While it wasn't as iconic as The JetStar rollercoaster, you knew you were in Seaside Heights and at Funtown Pier when you saw the multi-collored ferris wheel.

As a child, I rememeber seeing the ferris wheel in the distance as we came off the Mathis Bridge and onto the island and getting instantly excited.

Amazingly, the ferris wheel made it through Sandy on a pier that got demolished. It was among the few atttractions out of nearly 40 that still stood after the storm had passed.

Work crews attached cables to the wheel and pulled it down to the sand. Next, it will be cut into pieces as it gets disassembled.


This is what the skyline of Funtown Pier looks like now.

An empty Funtown Pier skyline in Seaside Heights (photo: Facebook)

The owner of Funtown Pier says that while the progress has been amazing, don't expect them to be back in action until summer 2014.


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