I am so glad that the tourist season is here, and thrilled the Jersey shore is getting so many summer visitors. I thought it would be helpful to offer a sort of 'welcome to the neighborhood' guide to driving in New Jersey. Today's reminder...the left lane.

I drove quite a bit on the Parkway this weekend and noticed a trend. Many out of state visitors seemed to miss the 'left lane for passing only, slower traffic stay right' sign. Let me break it down for you. It means the left lane is for passing only and slower traffic should stay to the right!! Or to put it another way, slower traffic should stay to the right because the left lane is for passing only.

Maybe the word 'passing' is the confusing part. By passing we don't mean passing trees or passing time or passing the exit you were supposed to get off. We mean passing other cars. Cars that are going slower than you, which of course means if you are in the left lane and everyone is passing you, how do I put this gently....please get out of the left lane. Please.

I hope you enjoyed this friendly 'welcome to the shore' driving guide. Next week...left turns. :)