I hate winter. The cold, the snow, the darkness...it's the worst. If I could live anywhere in the world...it would probably be San Diego. Why? It's pretty much 75 and sunny all year round. Sounds pretty perfect to me! But after getting a taste of that today, I wonder if I might actually ENJOY winter. Can it be??

We are being treated to a nice little 'heat wave' here at the Jersey Shore. It's November 28th, and 72 degrees outside here at the Point. Let me be the first to say, I LOVE it. It's warm, it's sunny, everyone's smiling and happy...it's just a little strange to play Christmas music when I can go out with flip flops on.

Christmas conjures up images of sweaters and snow and sled-riding...that one-horse open sleigh? Not supposed to be a Mustang convertible with the top down.

I'm not one of those holiday fanatics, but I'm no Scrooge. I've been known to blast Christmas music in my car, and I generally dig a lot of holiday tunes, but there's just something unnatural about playing "Santa Baby" when it feels like late Spring. It's just weird, okay? I said it. It's weird.

It's supposed to be kinda cold (not freezing) with some light (and I mean LIGHT, non-sticking) flurries of snow. You know, hot-cocoa-by-the-fireplace weather.

So I will enjoy this 70+ degree day...but for the first time in my life, I might be slightly grateful for winter this year.

Do you like the cold, or do you wish it would stay this warm all year?