You can try all you want to convince yourself that worrying about extreme weather is just a natural response to what we went through with Sandy, and it probably is, but Mother Nature just keeps on testing us, doesn't she?

Superstorms, hurricanes, remnants of tropical storms, crazy downpours, flash flooding and now we can add to the list a tornado. Yep. Just when you thought you'd heard or seen it all when it comes to Jersey Shore weather, Mother nature spins up an Ocean County twister.

For me, ever since Sandy, when there's a weather alert, I pay attention. It used to be that nothing would ever actually happen, or at least it seemed that way. Now, I pay attention, because lately I feel like it probably will happen.

Hopefully, it won't be long before our reaction to the weather won't be so nervous. But more importantly, I hope it won't be long before the extreme weather stays away from us.