Meet Teddy, our Point Pet of the Week.

The Monmouth County SPCA says this young Lab came to them from a family in Shrewsbury and, unfortunately, had a bit of a rough start in life. He was subjected to poorly executed, aversive training techniques that did more harm than good for this sweet puppy.

The MCSPCA has been working with Teddy on positive-reinforcement, fear-free training at the shelter to help boost his confidence so he can be healthy and happy. And is he ever! Teddy has taken to the training with flying colors and is one of their star pupils and a staff favorite.

Teddy is an active dog who would fit best into an active family who's always up for long walks. Teddy's leash skills are second to none!

Teddy would be best off adopted into a home with a family that has older teens and as an 'only' pet for now so that his family can focus on his continued training and make him the center of attention.

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