Spring is less than 30 days away, summer is right around the corner, at least in my mind. Summer camp is something I always looked forward to when I was younger.

When I think back to my summer camp days, I remember sitting by a fire roasting s'mores and singing songs. It is something I loved so much and something I will always remember. I did do a sleepaway camp with a couple of friends and we had such a great time. It was a camp in Pennsylvania and the memories will always be there.

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Abby loved gymnastics day camp. She did it for two summers when she was 7. Those summers she was so excited to meet new people and she loved gymnastics. She met many great friends and still to this day they're friends. Camp brings a bond, either a sleepover camp or a day camp.

New Jersey has really cool summer camps for all ages.

Whatever your child is interested in, I bet there's a camp for them in New Jersey. I have some of the best camps from some of my friends where their kids went, yelp.com, and summercamphub.com. There are some on the list I had no idea about. It's all about finding a camp where your child can grow in so many ways and have the best summer, ever.

Creative Services, Ridofranz, Getty Images
Creative Services, Ridofranz, Getty Images

New Jersey summer camps range from hiking, surfing, coding, CSI Camp, etc.

Check out these ten amazing summer camps in New Jersey.

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