Stereotypes can be frustrating, embarrassing, annoying, and wrong ...

...but sometimes they're seriously spot on.




  • Bernd Opitz, Getty Images
    Bernd Opitz, Getty Images

    We’re impatient.

    Here in Jersey, we do everything fast -- we’re always in a rush, and we hate waiting. Is it because we are THAT busy and there’s literally not a second in our day to spare? No. It’s because we’re impatient. We want to do what we have to do, get in, get out, and be on our way to the next damn thing…speaking of which...

  • Getty Images/iStockphoto
    Getty Images/iStockphoto

    We curse. A lot.

    Now, I know this doesn’t apply to everyone, but for the most part, a good portion of Jersey residents have potty mouths and when we’re with people we’re comfortable with, the filter goes away and the expletives fly. You kiss your mother with that mouth??

  • Spencer Platt, Getty Images
    Spencer Platt, Getty Images

    Italians. Italians everywhere!

    With a name like Cataldo, clearly I’m guilty as charged. If you’re not Italian, you probably know a (I almost cursed again) ton of people who are, and they’ve taught you that good Italian food will never be found at Olive Garden. (They might have also confused you into thinking that gravy can be red and served with macaroni, but those people are crazy, and that’s a debate for another blog.)

  • Natnan Srisuwan
    Natnan Srisuwan

    We're obsessed with gas station food.

    Yes, calling Wawa "gas station food" is a bit offensive, but that's what other states look at it as. Tired? Grab a Wawa coffee. Need breakfast, lunch, or dinner? Grab a sub at Wawa. Need ice for your party? Wawa has that too. Our loyalty to a convenience store runs deep.

  • Canva

    North Jersey and South Jersey might as well be two different countries.

    We are just one state, but there are huge differences as you travel from north to south. It seems to be a gradual shift as you go, and there is most definitely a Central Jersey in the middle. The defining line to the start of South Jersey may be debated (*COUGH*195*COUGH*) but generally most “Jersey Stereotypes” are taken from North Jersey while South Jersey is more…relaxed, we’ll say.

  • Canva

    NJ smells like death and sadness.

    It’s true. NJ smells, generally on the Turnpike in the area of Interchange 13A-15, home of refineries and other industrial efforts, also typically where tourists first experience NJ when they arrive at Newark Airport and head into the city. You know what else smells? The area of Virginia near the Perdue and Tyson plants, the old Fresh Kills dump on Staten Island, and BASICALLY ANY OTHER AREA OF ANY STATE WITH SOME KIND OF LANDFILL OR MANUFACTURING. The difference is, we don’t assume that because ONE small area smells funky that the whole friggin’ state does.

  • Google Maps Street View
    Google Maps Street View

    Everyone in Jersey goes to the diner.

    True story. And if you grew up here, you probably have a favorite one too. Whether it’s for a weekend breakfast, a quick lunch that appeals to all palates, or a 3 a.m. visit to drunkenly scarf down some disco fries…a good diner never fails you.

  • william44

    We’re pizza and bagel snobs.

    I mean, yeah, we’re ‘snobs’ in that we have standards…so…

  • Canva

    For better or worse, we will always have a special love for Jersey.

    It’s not perfect, but we love this place. You got a problem with that??

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