I try to be an open book on the air, but I thought there may be some facets of my life that you didn't know about. Here are 10 of them. 

  • I want to go skydiving

    I think I'm finally going to do it this summer.

  • I've never been to Disney World

    Before you judge, I had a perfectly normal childhood. When people find out that I've never been to the most magical place on Earth, they think I was abused as a kid. I grew up at the beach. It was a vacation every day. Plus, I hear Disney is more fun when you're an adult.

  • I'm a big WWE fan

    I get a lot of heat on this one (yes I know it's not real.) I've been watching pro wrestling since I was 6. I'm 32 now and I still enjoy Monday Night Raw. I've gotten past the embarrassment of admitting it. I'm a proud member of the WWE Universe, lol.

  • I have big feet. I wear size 13-and-a-half shoes.

    Insert joke here.

  • I'm a really shy and introverted person

    Being a radio personality requires you to be VERY outgoing both on air and off. In reality, I'm a very shy person. My job has helped my break out of my shell, a little. I guess I would be classified as an introverted person. I've got a very small but tight circle of friends, and I'm cool with that. That being said, if you ever see me at a Point event or around the Shore I won't run away. Say hi! Just know that once we know each other, I will talk your ear right off.

  • I was 14 when I did my first real radio show

    I'm a certified radio geek. I had a radio station in my room growing up. I would also go around and stalk the local personalities at events and learn as much as I could. I did a lot of grunt work and earned a tryout shift at my local radio station on my 14th birthday. The rest is history.

  • I was featured on The Today Show

    I got a call from someone at NBC who had read a blog I wrote and they wanted me to come to 30 Rock to talk about it. Such a cool experience.

  • I wanted to be a game show host

    I had a major crush on "Banana White." That's what I called her when I was a kid. She'll always be "Banana" to me.

  • Forget gourmet, give me a good cheeseburger and I'm good

  • I have OCD and depression

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