Getting a job in this economy is tough. Just getting someone to look a your resume can be next to impossible. The key is getting creative. The latest brilliant idea comes from a guy who mixed his skills and something no one can resist...candy.


Check out the candy bar resume. Everything from the slogan to the nutritional facts, changed to personal facts cover everything your average resume would include. It's a clever and tasty way to be considered for a job.

The radio business is extremely competitive. Not only do you need to have an impressive resume, but you need to have a demo of your previous shows. When there is an on air opening in radio, bosses literally can get thousands of submissions. How do you break out from the pack? I tried something outside of the box. It didn't get me the job, but it did get me a call back.

Gverds, Flickr

I went to Payless and found the cheapest pair of sneakers they had. I think it cost me about five bucks. When I got home, I took the extra paper and other shoe out of the box. I took my resume and demo tape and put it in the shoe box with one shoe. I put a coversheet on top of it all so it was the first thing that would be seen when the box was opened. The one sentence on the coversheet said:

Just wanted to get my foot in the door!


A little cheesy? Absolutely. But it got me a call back. In the end, that's all that matters.


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