Phobias - we all have them.  Some are just weirder than others.

Recently, I was at a company baseball game and my coworker pressed on the very tip of his nose.  I instantly freaked out, which confused him.

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Then I realized, that most people probably don't understand my very weird phobia of people touching the tips of their noses.  If you're wondering why this bothers me so much, it's because there's cartilage at the very tip of your nose that splits and freaks me out.  I'm nauseous typing this.  Touching the sides of your nose is fine, just not the tip.

Another weird phobia of mine?  Willy Wonka.  Yes, from the children's movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  My mom turned it on for me as a kid. Once Augustus Gloop got sucked up the tube, I screamed for her to turn it off.  As much as I love Tim Burton movies, I can't watch his version either.

This got me thinking - I can't be the only one with weird phobias.  I thought I'd ask New Jersey for their craziest fears, and you didn't disappoint.  Your interesting explanations about your odd phobias are included too.  Some of these fears make me wonder how you're able to live at the Jersey Shore!

So the next time you're judging your bizarre, wacky, or just plain odd phobia, don't get down on yourself.  You're not alone; you're in good company with your fellow New Jerseyans here who were brave enough to share their weirdest fears.

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