I guarantee your Mom (and you) probably use this word AT LEAST 100 times a day.

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You can file this one under "words that have a different meaning in New Jersey." (More on that below).

To most people, the word alright means "okay." Like "How's it going?" "Alright." Or "that's alright to me."

In New Jersey, and especially to Jersey Shore Moms, the word alright means so much more. It's a way to say "bye" to someone, it's a way to comfort your kids - or to tell them ENOUGH, and it's a sentence starter.

This video particularly got me cracking up because my Mom and I can't hang up the phone without saying "alright" to each other a bunch of times. I think one time I counted us saying it 10 times back and forth before finally hanging up - oops.

A TikTok user named Elaina Christina (@imelainachristina) knows the importance of this special New Jersey word and made quite possibly one of the most relatable TikToks I've ever seen showing just how versatile it is. It's just one of the ways that show why Jersey Shore Moms are unlike any other ones out there (because they're the best, of course!)

So, whether you're a Mom who uses the word, or a kid or husband who has been on the other end of it, you'll absolutely go nuts for this TikTok. Check it out below.

@imelainachristinaALRIGHT ?!?! ##fyp ##italianamerican ##jerseymom ##newyork ##newjersey ##italian♬ original sound - The Elaina Show

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