We had so much fun with this talking to you about those Trick-or-Treats that were the worst growing up with Shawn & Sue.

Halloween is such a fun time of the year for kids and parents. Walking around neighborhoods with a pumpkin or a pillowcase filled with so many treats is every kid's dream. Except, when you get that "one" treat that's horrible.

10 Trick-or-Treats We Do Not Want in Ocean County

I realize we should all be grateful for the treats we get, but a rock? A pair of socks, they're probably more expensive than a bag of candy.

Last year, because of covid, only 12% of kids and families in the U.S. went out to trick-or-treat. This year the percentages look so much higher, so you'll need more candy. The most popular Halloween candy was Reese's Peanut Butter Cup through the years.

The most popular Halloween candy for 2021 is...Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. So, if your bowl is filled with peanut butter cups, you're the cool house. If you want your house to be the cool house this year, these are the top candies of 2021 to have in your Halloween bowl: Sour Patch Kids, Runts, Blow Pops, Milky Way, Laffy Taffy, Nerds, Skittles, Twizzlers, and more, according to thrilllist.com.

Trick-or-Treat is such a fun time. I know parents always say there should be a cut-off limit for kids trick-or-treating, but I personally know older kids that love it. My 15-year-old will be out with her friends, dressed up in their costume, and having fun - just like the little ones. So, let's not put an age on it. Happy Halloween.

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