Halloween is just days away and maybe you are still trying to figure out what you are going to dress up as, for Halloween. We decided to see if we could come up with some truly "Jersey" types of costumes.

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I decided to ask YOU at home what types of costumes YOU think are true "Jersey" and then we could put together a list for folks to maybe use this year. In fact, maybe I will steal one of YOUR ideas and use that for Friday's Halloween Show.

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So I threw the question out there what's a "New Jersey" Halloween costume? and waited for your responses and what YOU thought was "Jersey" style. Is a "Sopranos" themed costume too easy?

Evajean~The Jersey Devil

Carly~ Pizza Slice

Linda~ Blueberry

Jasmine~ Pork Roll (or Taylor Ham if you prefer)

Kevin~ Tomato

Barbara~ Sunflower

Bonnie~ Governor in a Beach Chair

Danielle~ Ms. Liberty

Derek~ Edison

Janette~ the Marvels

Teddy~ Tax Collector

Josephine~ Surfer

Louise~ Ear of Corn

Debra~ Prison Bars



If you had to choose from one of these "New Jersey" costume ideas..which would you select? Thanks for some really creative "Jersey" ideas.

The question is now which do I select to be for Friday's Halloween Show? Maybe I will take one of these ideas and run with it, hmmm


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