Kids didn't have much to do during the height of the pandemic, did they?

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They played video games, watch YouTube, sometimes went outside to play, and that's about it.

At the time, 9-year-old Carter Dooley of Brigantine wasn't going to let boredom take hold of him while spending his time social distancing from others. His mother told that when he first talked about surfing, she didn't take it seriously since his interest in other activities soon diminished as a result of his ADHD diagnosis. That's most kids though, wouldn't you say? They want to try out a sport or an instrument, but end up deciding it's not their "thing", so they move onto something else.

Apparently, surfing stuck for Carter. Now 10-years-old, Carter has been surfing every single day since his original goal of achieving 150 days out on the water and has decided to up the ante. The Brigantine native has declared a new goal. Dooley hopes to achieve one thousand straight days of surfing up and down the New Jersey coastline.

Dawn Dooley, Carter's mom, has told various media outlets that she's not surprised that her son keeps pushing the envelope. She says as long as Carter's happy to be out on the water, she and her husband will continue to make sure they do everything in their power to help Carter achieve his goals.

Listen, anyone who can serve out there during a snowstorm like any of the two that South Jersey experienced this week is, CLEARLY, dedicated to the sport. No doubt, Carter will achieve this goal before we know it!

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