I still remember the sound of the wind, I couldn't believe it.

We were all together in the midst of this horrible, giant storm, and the most destructive storm I have ever seen. Recently, I was talking to some listeners and they said the same thing, Superstorm Sandy was the most destructive storm they have ever seen in New Jersey and they lived here almost all of their life.

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Shawn and I were on the air for 24 hours and you helped us get through those hours as much as we helped you with your little battery-operated radio. We were all going through it together. I remember the phone calls we received, and what you and the family were doing. You would tell us what was happening in your neighborhood with trees down, wires down, it was very, very scary. We all helped each other through the hours of waiting and wondering what the Jersey Shore would look like at daybreak.

Hurricane Sandy - Shore
Office of the Governor

You will come up to us and say "Thank you" to us for keeping you company while you were hunkered down. We need to say "Thank you" to you, for keeping us company.

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I remember everyone getting ready for this massive storm, we just didn't know what to expect. We lost so much, we lost lives, houses, memories, rides, and so much more.

One thing I learned, we are Jersey Strong. Every single person I ran into after October 28th-29th of 2012 was there to offer a lending hand to a neighbor, friend, or stranger. It was amazing seeing everyone working together.

It's quite amazing how far we've come at rebuilding, but if you still drive over to the barrier islands and parts of LBI, there are still houses being rebuilt, so many years later.

This picture is the Jet Star or Star Jet, whichever you called it, this picture was probably the most popular right after the storm and it broke so many hearts all those memories came rushing back to me from going on that when my daughter was younger and the years I went on it growing up with my Dad.

Iconic JetStar Roller Coaster Damaged By Hurricane Sandy Torn Down
Getty Images, John Moore

Residents that lived on the barrier island or LBI could not go home for several weeks and for a lot of my friends inland, we didn't have power for about seven days, it was crazy.

Here are a couple of videos showing the destruction 10 years ago.


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