Don't you just love a great love story? This is the perfect time of year for it. And this is the perfect time for someone to win a $10,000 Custom Creation engagement ring from Earth Treasures Jewelers, and it's time to announce our winner.

First, a huge thank you to our friends at Earth Treasures Jewelers in Eatontown for making all this excitement possible! And a huge thank you to all the contestants for sharing their amazing stories of love with us.  And thank you all for your votes!

So, which entry was the winner? We are so happy to congratulate Melissa White of Long Branch! Congratulations! In case you didn't check it out already, here's Melissa's story...

Some have a sad story but me, more of a love story! Kevin and I went to Long Branch High School together and never romantically crossed paths until we were adults. I went furniture shopping in a store going out if business and ran into him while he was working there in the warehouse dept.

He took my number off of the receipt and text me a few days later joking about delivery my furniture in the rain. I couldn't believe he stole my number off of the receipt and reached out.

The timing wasn't right back then and I blew him off. Years later I saw him walking out of a store and then in Shop Rite and we had small conversation. While on a dating site POF a year or 2 later..I see his picture with a little girl.

He'd since been married ..had a little girl and divorced. New to swipe aspect of POF..I gave him 5 thumbs up (on accident)! Not knowing how to undo it or if he would see my dilemma I felt the embarrassment overwhelm me..and asked my 13 year old daughter to help fix it.

She only laughed in hysterics! Over 2 +yrs later our blended family will be celebrating our 3rd Christmas together. We've spoken of marriage but with the pandemic, money, job uncertainty we wait for the time to be right. Hopefully, this will be our time!!

it's a beautiful story, and now there is going to be a $10,000 Custom Creation engagement ring from Earth Treasures Jewelers to go along with it! Congratulations Melissa. We wish you nothing but the best as your love story continues!

Thanks again to everyone for participating in this fun contest! Happy holidays!

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