It has always seemed to me that it is easier to buy gifts for women than for men. But here are some fabulous ideas for this Valentine's Day!

1. 'Broquets' of 'flowers' made from beef jerky! Send it a glass beer mug or pint. This is the most original gift for a man that I have seen! Choose a broquet of roses or daisies. CLICK HERE to see.

2. Cool gadgets are always great for guys. If your man likes espresso, how about a "Mini Presso" espresso maker? It's actually a travel mug that brews fresh espresso!!! CLICK HERE to see.

3. If your man works in an office you can get him this really cool conversation piece. It's a wireless bamboo keyboard and mouse. CLICK HERE to check it out.

4. A monthly delivery of snacks! Salty, sweet, chewy, crunchy -- everything from specialty saltwater taffy to unusual beef jerky. CLICK HERE for details.

5. A unique box of message chocolates with jelly bean lettering spelling out phrases like "Love Your Face." You gotta see to understand. CLICK HERE.

6. Pocket Boom Box shaped like an Altoids-type tin. A great conversation piece any time he pulls this out of his pants pocket! And it's got much better sound than a cell phone! CLICK HERE to see.

7. Replace your man's bedside table with a really cool hanging table made of ropes and wood. Called a 'hammock table,' it can be suspended from the ceiling to hold his drink or night table stuff. CHECK IT OUT!

8. A suitcase that, when you open it, is actually a portable BBQ! It's a fully functional charcoal grill for 2 -- great for a small balcony that can't fit a grill. CLICK HERE to see it.

9. Stainless Steel Beer Thermos. A very manly-looking growler that holds more than 5 cans of beer and keeps it cold for over 24 hours! Plus, clever construction helps prevent condensation, so sand won't stick to it if you take it to the beach! CHECK IT OUT.

10. Single Malt Scotch Cordials. Bite size dark chocolates with a liquid center filled with real scotch. CLICK HERE for details.

11. To keep it more lighthearted, how about Mad Libs -- the 'In Love' edition. The two of you could fill in the blanks over a few drinks and have some laughs. CLICK HERE.

12. For when he travels, a canvas and nylon toiletries bag for his shaving gear...that says "Hey Handsome" in big letters on the inside bottom so that he'll think of you when he gets out of the shower! This is a rugged-looking grooming case that comes in cool colors. CLICK HERE to see.

For many more gift ideas for men, CLICK HERE.



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