The overwhelmingly popular Netflix series 13 Reasons Why was nationally recognized for its ability to shine a spotlight on rather uncomfortable issues.

However, with a second season in the works, there are many people who are worried that the show is sending viewers the wrong message: and it turns out they are right.

Scientists have done a study on the google searches conducted between the series debut and a month after relating to suicidal topics.

The results are mind boggling.

There is no arguing that the show has done some good with its blunt and direct views on difficult issues that kids in high school face.  The search for "suicide hotlines" increased by 12% and "suicide prevention" by 23%.

However, the series unfortunately is doing just as much, if not more, bad as they are good. Google searches for phrases like "how to kill yourself" increased by 9%, "commit suicide" by 18%, and "how to commit suicide" by 26%.

Professionals are urging that 13 Reasons Why be taken down from Netflix or to adjust the series so that viewers can see a success story of someone contemplating suicide and ultimately deciding against it.

When I first saw the series, I argued against the idea that it was glorifying the theme of suicide. It shines a spotlight on slut shaming and sexuality, all topics that seem to struggle to be discussed regularly during the high school years. However, there is no more room for discussion because the numbers speak for themselves. Let's adjust it so that no one else takes their own life.

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