Tis the season for colorful and delicious sweet treats!

Now this is very useful information I am giving you being that the holidays are a few weeks away and treats are a must this time of year.

So the place that you NEED to try is called 2 Chicks With Chocolate. Elyissia Chinchilla and mother Barbara Ferrante are the two chicks who are behind it all.

They have two locations: one is in Metuchen and the other is right here at the Jersey Shore! The address is 1300 Highway 35 South in Middletown.

Now there is a lot of buzz surrounding this nontraditional chocolate shop and here is why.

These two ladies use a LOT of various colors - blues, greens, reds, pinks and who knows what else -- in their chocolate bonbons which apparently is frowned upon by other bakers.

No idea why but, I shall continue because that is not all that they offer.

2 Chicks With Chocolate also has bonbons with flavors put INSIDE of the delicious treat like lemongrass and PB&J.

Yes, it gets better. There are also boozy flavors which include but are not limited to Makers Mark, Champagne and Kalamanzi Margarita. HO-LY COW!

And take a look below -- CBD Caramel Chocolate Cookie Crunch!

Their next big release will be their Boardwalk Collection which will feature flavors like Cotton Candy and Cookies & Cream.

Here is how the pricing works: 1 for $2.50; 4 for $8.50; 12 for $29; 24 for $55; 50 for $125; 100 for $250.

Word on the street is that if you bring back your box for refills, the price is discounted! #Recycle ♻️

All of their chocolates are made with all fresh and natural ingredients and don't have any preservatives.

Plus, 2 Chicks With Chocolate also offers classes for kids and adults! You could attend a Chocolate Pizza Making class, a Wine or Beer & Chocolate Pairings Class or even decorate your own chocolate high heels.

Okay, so I am starving now after all this chocolate talk so I am gonna go get me a Champagne-Flavored bonbon while you guys check out the original article at NJ.com or you can head to the 2 Chicks With Chocolate website.

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