And don't start with how we should support local coffee shops and that you love Wawa. I get it. And I do love Wawa and supporting local coffee shops. BUT...

...there are times where I want one of two things:

1. I want to sit in a beautiful Starbucks with FREE WIFI and a place to plug in and charge my phone AND laptop at every seat with the welcoming environment to stay all day long if I want to and get my work done while enjoying a Cappuccino or the Egg White Bites that I love.


2. I want to drive through and pick up a Starbucks Cappuccino because I am not inclined to come inside. (It's raining. I don't have time. It's too hot outside. I don't want to see anyone, etc. ) And because I love the unique flavor of said drink from said place.

All of the new Starbucks stand-alone places being built are gorgeous and convenient. But they don't exist in two key locations and someone could get RICH if they put one at either/any of these intersections:

A. Lincroft. Preferably on the site of the old Lincroft Inn on Newman Springs Road. I   know, I know, there's a 'satellite' Starbucks (aka not a REAL Starbucks) inside both the Acme and the Student Center at Brookdale. Neither is the real deal. Neither has fancy seating with free wifi and a place to charge, and neither has a drive-thru. The closest other Starbucks is either all the way in Red Bank where you have to pay to park (if you can find a space nearby) or at The Grove in Shrewsbury which is easily 10-15 minutes drive time depending on the amount of congestion on the roads.

B. Toms River. Preferably on Rt. 37 somewhere near the intersections of Hooper Ave. or Rt. 166. Same problems as above. Closest 'satellite' Starbucks is inside the Stop 'N Shop, or parking and walking all the way inside and through the Ocean County Mall. How do you have a busy highway like Rt. 37 leading in and out of a huge tourist beach town like Seaside and NOT have a stand-alone Starbucks nearby???

Do you want to vent about a location in dire need of a Starbucks? If so, do tell!

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