Wow! The 2020 MVP awards have been tremendous. We continue to highlight and give recognition to Jersey Shore frontline workers. I am happy to say the "Favorite Jersey Shore Teacher" category succeeded expectations. We received over two thousand votes! We are thankful for all the teachers who were nominated and every teacher received a handful of votes. The support was outstanding!

THE WINNER... A huge congratulations to Annmarie Arbore!! Annmarie has been working at Highlands Elementary school for 19 years. On any given morning you can find her singing and dancing with her Pre-K class for morning meetings. She loves to sing and dance throughout the day with her class. Most importantly, she encourages her students to explore, be creative, and work together to problem-solve. Ms. Arbore is known for making teaching fun with visuals and scenarios that the students can relate to. Annmarie has positively impacted many students' lives and many past students always go back to visit her. Congratulations Annmarie, your dedication and hard work do not go unnoticed!

As I wrap this up, I would like to give a special THANK YOU to all frontline workers at the Jersey Shore. We greatly appreciate your kind efforts. The Jersey Shore would be a very different place if we didn't have men and women like YOU battling on the frontlines. YOU HAVE ALL THE RESPECT IN THE WORLD. From all of us here at 94.3 The Point, we THANK YOU!

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