The rules of driving at the Jersey Shore don't change in the summer but it might not seem that way as you drive around starting this weekend.

There are certain rules of the road here at the Jersey Shore that the tourists just don't seem to get when they visit our lovely little corner of the world, and we all see things in the summer that we just don't see the rest of the year.

So we came up with three of the eyebrow raising driving moves we're all certain to see at some point this summer at the Jersey Shore.

(1) Skipping the jug. How long will it be before we see the car with the out of state plates stopped in the left lane with the signal light on wondering what all the beeping is about. Clue: it's about you. See that jughandle over there? Use it.

(2) 40 in the left lane. the ...left lane. I know this occasionally happens in the off season, but it is literally a daily event in the summer. And it is infuriating. Where are you going (or should I say not going) when you do this? Please stop.

(3) The eternal left.  When you enter the Parkway, you put on your left turn signal to enter the roadway. Once you're on the Parkway, and I'm begging you on this one, please turn off your signal light. I don't want to think you're changing lanes from Laurence Harbor to Belmar. How can you not see or hear that it's on?

I know there are more infuriating summer road habits that our tourists bring along with their bikes, boats and jet skis, and I'm sure I'll do another edition of this before long. Let us know which tourist road habits are your pet peeves.

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