If you've always dreamed that you were a princess and you were swept off your feet by Prince Charming, he might not be the macho superhero that's depicted in Hollywood.

According to a recent survey reported at msn.com, a little over 3 of 4 women surveyed said they prefer a feminine man to settle down with as opposed to a "masculine" man. 76% of feminine women preferred to date or settle down with a guy more in touch with his feminine side.

Experts say that there are two schools of thought regarding relationships. We've all heard the old "opposites attract" theory, and then there's the "birds of a feather" theory, which means people are attracted to people who are similar to them.

One doctor says the "birds of a feather" theory has the best chance of leading to a long lasting relationship because it is "more realistic", according to the article.  Here's the breakdown of the results. 76% of feminine women found themselves attracted to feminine men, while 59% of masculine women found themselves looking for masculine men.

The survey determined "feminine" or "masculine" women in the survey by asking the participants if they considered themselves more on the masculine or feminine side of the spectrum.

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