Let's be real: finding love in this day and age is DIFFICULT. But this guy in Berkeley Township takes the cake for the most unusual way anyone has ever tried to make a love connection.

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I'm seriously wondering what was going through this guy's mind when he made one of the most hysterical posts I've ever seen in the Berkeley Township, NJ - Our Hometown Facebook group. Like most of us single people out there, he's probably tired of being alone after spending a year with little to no socialization.

Maybe he's tried the dating apps and is bored with them (I feel that.) So when he found the love of his life in the Bayville ShopRite, he didn't care that she had possibly the most embarrassing bodily function happen in front of him. He wanted to get to know her better.

So, off he went into the Berkeley Township, NJ - Our Hometown Facebook group to post this romantic message:

You were the tall brunette with the near perfect body that farted in the bread section this morning. I was the guy standing next to you wearing the blue hat that looked over at you and asked, “was that you?” You quickly replied “no it wasn’t me!” You almost seemed insulted that I would ask you this. As the stink grew you continued to deny your flatulence, but it was evident. I tried to get rid of the stench by waiving two loaves of Italian bread. You proceeded to storm off in an angry manner. You are beautiful and even if you are a liar and fart like a Clydesdale, I’d love to meet up and get to know you better.
So far, no response from the lady. But hey, could this be the next great love story we've all been waiting for?

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