Remember the ugly Christmas sweater your grandma gave you in 1987? It's time to reminisce!

Ugly Christmas sweater parties are ever-growing in popularity, and with good reason!

4 reasons in fact.

ugly xmas sweater
One of many ugly Christmas sweaters you can find at Backward Glances in Asbury Park. (Backward Glances)
  • 1

    They help you de-stress

    Face it. The holidays can be stressful, and one of the best things you can do for yourself AND everyone around you is enjoy some downtime. Whether you're hosting the party or simply attending, it's a fun way to unwind!

  • 2

    The photos

    Think long-term with this one. Photos of your friends in ugly Christmas sweaters now = excellent blackmail in 10 years! (If you're thinking short-term, well, Insta-likes!)

  • 3

    Holiday drinks!

    This is a great time to make a fun and festive cocktail. Good thing we have all the inspiration you need HERE.

  • 4

    Party in COMFORT

    How many times have you dreaded the idea of a party because you didn't feel like getting glammed up, or figuring out what to wear, or generally putting on clothes other than sweatpants? Ugly Christmas sweaters might not look great, but MAN they are comfy, and that's basically the whole point! Bonus if you pick up some ugly Christmas leggings to go with it!

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