Every weekday from 12 PM to 1 PM is 94.3 The Point's Flashback Café where we play all of your favorite throwbacks, welcome your requests at (732) 643-0943, and give you the chance to win amazing prizes with our Throwback Trivia.

However, the Throwback Trivia is about to get amped up a notch! Each day will have a designated throwback theme just so we can mix it up each week. Take a look at the day by day breakdown below.

Movie Monday

There are quite a few movies that no matter how many times you watch them, just do not get old. Well, could you identify these movies when you hear a significant quote? What about if you heard a well-known scene? You movie buffs will now forever love Mondays.

Tell Me The Lyrics Tuesday

I will pick a song, and you have to tell me the lyrics that come next. We have done this contest quite a few times and I have definitely taken a liking to it. And don't be afraid to sing when you call in!

What's The Song Wednesday

There are just too many good throwbacks to count! But can you name them all? I will play a piece of a song and if you are the first to call in with the song title and artist, you will win!

Television Thursday

How well do you know F.R.I.E.N.D.S, How I Met Your Mother, Roseanne, Full House....just to name a few! It could be a simple trivia question, a memorable quote, or even a theme-song related question that could win you the Flashback Café prize.

Flip It Friday

You have to tell the song title and artist but there is a catch, the song will be flipped and played backwards. You would be surprised just how odd some of the songs have sounded when reversed.

Tune in to 94.3 The Point to find out the Flashback Café prize each week!

Now, are you ready for this? Best of luck....


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