Ryan Cabrera stopped by the Point studio earlier today to co-host the Flashback Cafe and talk about his new music!

We had a blast with Ryan and his crew, talking about some of his old school faves, and reminiscing about 90s TV shows like Full House, Duck Tales, and Legends of the Hidden Temple!

We played some of his favorite throwback tunes, like Peter Gabriel's 'Solsbury Hill' and Journey's 'Faithfully.' And of course, we played his own 2004 song, 'True.'

He also showed us lots of Jersey love, saying, 'It's one of my favorite places to play, I love coming to Jersey.' He.even shouted out Asbury Park and Red Bank, adding, 'There's so many places to play. People really love music here, and one of the things that we've noticed over years of touring, is in Jersey, people are still like...they go crazy, which is awesome, exciting for an artist.'

Ryan says he's really proud of the new songs his written, and that the new record is just really fun. His new single, House on Fire, is  is available now on iTunes, the new album due out next year!

Check out the video for more of Ryan's visit to the Point!

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