Being an adult is hard.

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We are all supposed to build a reliable career, socialize with friends, spend time with family, keep our places clean and the fridges stocked, care for pets, pay bills on time....oh, and we are supposed to find time to work out in-between all this?

a workout

Y'all can't be serious.

Fitness Volt conducted a study showing which artists New Jersey prefers to listen to when in need of some extra motivation before or during your workout.

And it turns out, music is a pretty powerful tool when it comes to physical fitness:

Music plays a vital part in many people’s workout regime with studies having shown it helps to distract from pain, elevates mood and increases stamina. The similarities between the most played artists reveals that there are certain genres and artists that are particularly popular to accompany exercise,"  said a Fitness Volt spokesperson in a statement.

Over 5,000 songs were analyzed by Fitness Volt and I have the top 3 artists you should listen to when it is time to get pumped up.

Any guesses?

Coming in 3rd....

David Guetta

Coming in 2nd....


Coming in 1st.....


Now that I have seen the results, they do make sense.

All of these artists have a wide array of singles that are upbeat and filled with music that you can't help but groove to.

Other artists I am surprised didn't make the top 3 are Rihanna, Beyoncé and even Post Malone.

I mean....HELLO!?!

But numbers don't lie so....

I wish you the best of luck with all that exercise you have coming up....but now at least you'll have a killer playlist to go with it.

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