We see a lot at Jersey Shore beaches, some of it is good, some of it we wish we could unsee. But one thing is for sure. We'll see them all during this upcoming holiday weekend.

4th of July Weekend is upon us at the Jersey Shore and that means everyone will be in top summer form in all of our beach towns. Here are five things you will almost certainly see this weekend. We're betting you'll see most of the following.

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See if you agree.

Fight Over A Parking Spot. If you combine a summer weekend with a dash of July 4th and a pinch of impatience, you have created the perfect breeding ground for the Battle of the Parking Spot 2021. A little patience people!

The Hot Sand Dance. If the weather is right, there is nothing that lacks grace more than the hot sand dance. You can see it coming. The flip flops drop, the feet hit the sand, and the hopping begins, We bounce blindly about the sand like a confused grasshopper until we land on that precious piece of real estate that's ion the shade.

The Ill Advised Speedo. You wear what you want to this weekend. You be you. But there are some situations where the Speedo might not be the best first choice. Not everyone shares your enthusiasm about it.

The Lost Tourist. We love our visitors and need them now more than ever, but the Jersey Shore can be a difficult place to navigate if you're not used to it, it gets confusing. Add a traffic circle, and it all hits the fan.

The Sea Gull Feeder. We know better, but maybe everyone doesn't. But they'll find out the minute that bread hits the sand, and so will everyone in a 100 foot area of them for the next 20 minutes.

Keep count of how many of these you see this weekend. It'll be fun. And it's a small price to pay to be at the greatest place in the world for a summer holiday weekend!

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