With the 100th birthday of the Oreo, I started thinking about other foods that weren't so legendary. These are the retro products we wish were still on the shelves.

  • Crystal Pepsi

    Cola we could see through! Was it possible? Crystal Pepsi was pure, it was clear and it was around for one glorious year. It was a breakthrough soda that started the "clear trend." Remember Saturday Night Live's "Clear Gravy?"

  • Bonkers Candy

    Adults were interested and children of the 80s were scared to death of the creepy woman who laughed whenever giant fruit fell in her living room. It was BONKERS! Grape, orange, watermelon, and chocolate craziness.

  • GatorGum

    Gatorade Gum attempted to quench your thirst, just like Gatorade. The only difference is that Gatorade is still around. How sour was this gum? It came in orange and lemon-lime and when I was a kid it was the only gum I can remember wanting to actually eat.

  • Hi-C Ecto Cooler

    How much do you miss those juice boxes with Slimmer on them? You could not have PB & J without an Ecto Cooler. It was discontinued in 2001 and replaced with Shoutin' Orange Tangerine. It was then when we finally found out what the flavor of Ecto Cooler was.

  • Keebler Magic Middles

    Cookies injected with chocolate goo. How did they do it? Magic elves of course! Ah, the late 80s where it was all about the gluten, carbs and preservatives. Those were the days.

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