There seem to be a ton of intersections to avoid...the ones you get to and can't help but think: "A three-year-old could have designed this better..."

And so in the interest of sparing your sanity, here are 5 intersections to avoid at all costs at the Jersey Shore!

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    Rt 9/Schank Rd/Rt 79/Rt 33 (highway) ramp - Freehold

    Making the jughandle from Rt 9 South onto Schank Road is confusing enough...then throw in Rt 9/33/79 all meeting up? I've seen lots of near accidents and general confusion at this intersection...and that's AFTER they redesigned it!

    Thanks to Kim D. in Jackson for this suggestion!

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    Wickatunk Rd/Gordons Corner Rd/Tennent Rd/Rt 9 - Manalapan

    I travel through this one every day, so I have learned how to properly navigate it. However, not a day passes where I don't see someone trying to figure out how they missed the exit for Route 9 North (maybe it's because there are exits in two different directions, and signs pointing both ways) and someone else slamming on the brakes when they realize they've somehow wound up a residential street and not a highway. Add a couple stoplights and the fact that no one is sure if they can turn right on red? Daily disaster.

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    Rt 70/Rt 88/Princeton Ave - Brick

    I don't drive through this area regularly, but if you do, you better make sure you know where you're going. It's a confusing set of turns and roads and lights...and just when you think you're in the right realize the entrance to the diner is 200 feet behind you. Sigh.

    Thanks to Chris V. in Brick for the suggestion!

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    Rt 37/Rt 166 - Toms River

    You know it's bad when there is a street sign warning you of frequent accidents at this intersection. Between nearby Parkway on/off ramps, traffic heading to downtown Toms River and Seaside, and a constantly packed jughandle...this one is a doozy. It only gets worse in the summer...unfortunately, there aren't even decent back roads to suggest as Toms River tends to have traffic EVERYWHERE.

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    Anything with a circle

    Rt 33/34, Rt 34/524, Rt 35/66...all of these designed to test your driving skills...and your patience. Will that person next to you in the right lane decide at the last second they need to be in the left lane? Probably. Will the car that's supposed to yield to you conveniently forget to do so? Probably. Will you wind up cursing at someone before the circle is complete? Probably.

    The thing about circles though...if you can handle them, you are truly from Jersey, and you can probably handle anything.

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