Just in time for Prom season, KFC has announced their drumstick corsage, a wearable chicken leg for when you get hungry after that last dance.

It got me thinking...what would be more convenient to have strapped to your wrist than some greasy chicken?

1. Cell Phone

cell phone selfie

You know teens all people can't put their phones down for a second anyway, why not strap it to your wrist, like work-out arm band style...but Prom pretty!

2. Compact Mirror

compact mirror
This one's even in the shape of a flower! Perfect! (Amazon)

Who wants to sneak off to the bathroom every 5 minutes to check hair and makeup? You KNOW that's when your favorite song is gonna come on (never fails)! Why not add some baby's breath to that compact mirror and you can keep the booty shaking all night!

3. Napkins/tissues

Box of tissues
Dan Alexander, Townsquare Media NJ

The sweating. The smearing mascara (see #2). The grease from the weird girl's chicken corsage...wouldn't it be nice to always have something to wipe it all up right at your fingertips? Plus...paper roses sounds like it could be a real thing, right?

4. Camera

girls at prom

An iCorsage. You wouldn't have to tote around your phone to take pics all night. Hold up your wrist, snap the pics, and boom, they instantly upload to Instagram, Tumblr, etc. That's some futuristic brilliance right there.

5. Nanny cam

teenage boy
This boy-band lookin' fool out with your precious little girl? Better keep an eye out. (Thinkstock)

Trust your daughter but not the shifty-looking guy she hopped in the limo with? Why not fit her with a nanny cam corsage? Sure, by the time she gets to college she'll be so eager to escape your death grip that she'll be the Queen of Bad Decisions, but at least for Prom night, you'll be able to keep your eye on their every awkward move!

What would you want on your corsage (other than flowers)? Tell us in the comment section below!

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