Okay, maybe I am biased because I grew up in Ocean County, but I think that the holiday season at the Jersey Shore is the best around. There are so many things going on, not to mention Santa is everywhere! He probably makes more appearances in Monmouth and Ocean Counties then anywhere on Earth.

Here are the top 5 reasons why Christmas at the Jersey Shore is better than Christmas anywhere else.

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Santa Appearances: Look, I’m not saying that Santa is biased or anything… but clearly, he is. Santa makes a whole bunch of appearances here at the Jersey Shore during the Holiday season. People flock from all over to see him. He was in Asbury Park for the Asbury Park Boardwalk tree lighting, he was in Point Pleasant, Toms River, Belmar, and so many other shore towns… it’s actually hard to keep track of him. Mrs. Claus must be not too happy.

March 2017 Snowstorm
Ivy Brummer in Stanhope

We get snow, but not really: Okay, so since I have been alive on this Earth, I have yet to experience a white here at the Jersey Shore. I guess I am a sap because I am really rooting for snow on Christmas because it just adds to the holiday (again… maybe I am a sap). Anyway, snowy weather at the Jersey Shore is either hit or miss, but all you have to do is watch the news and check out the amount of snow that other states are getting during Christmas time.

Nice people: Like I mentioned earlier, I have always spent my holiday season at the Jersey Shore and while everyone is really nice here, for the most part, they become even nicer during the holiday season. I worked in fast food for a long time and I have always gotten huge tips, smiles, and more compliments during this time of the year. I just love the atmosphere. Not to mention all of the people who give back to those in need.


We’re so festive: I hate when I hear people railing against those who put up their tree and lights up early. I mean, come on! Stop being a Grinch. Yes, it might be super early, but some of the houses here at the Jersey Shore look so nice during the holidays! My tree was up on Thanksgiving and I’m not sorry about it.

We’re SO close to Rockefeller Center: Really. We are. I understand that it’s not a Jersey Shore attraction, but seeing the most beautiful tree in the greatest city in the world is only a train ride away! It’s so worth it!

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