It is holiday season crunch time here at the Jersey Shore, and in an odd twist, that doesn't always bring out the best in people.

We're all in a rush, we all want that hard to find items, we all want to be first in line an we all want to get home from last minute shopping, but guess what. It probably ain't going to happen!

It leads us to a list of three things I think we all need to make these last two shopping weekends...

Patience. It goes without saying. Take a breath when you're on the road, in the store and at the parking lots. Try to keep the real spirit of the season going.

Parking Spots. Let's be honest, these might be the most important part of the whole thing. The waiting, the slow driving and the stalking of a person who may be leaving. It's all part of the game. Stay calm.

A Little Luck...Here's to hoping you find everything on everybody's wish list, no matter how hard to find they happen to be, and here's hoping you get on the quick check out line for a  change.

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