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Liz and I don't often get together after the show, so when we do, you know it must be important. And finding out who's naughty or nice two weeks before Christmas is that important.

So, where did we go to find out? Well, of course, we went to Santa HQ at Freehold Raceway Mall, which by the way is an experience you and your kids will love. It's put together by HGTV.

As I'm sure you've already deduced on your own, it wasn't much of a decision who was naughty and who was nice, but if you want to see just how quickly word got around Freehold Raceway Mall about the results, you should check out the video below.

Let me put it this way, when Santa talks, people listen, so my advice for myself and everyone else is to be good little boys and girls and everything will go much more smoothly for you.

All kidding aside, it was a great day at Freehold Raceway Mall, and Liz and I may have even enjoyed each other's company for a minute or two, and of course, as is the case with every Santa story, this one has a happy ending.

Even for me. now that's the magic of Christmas.

Lou & Liz at Freehold Raceway Mall

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