We have a lot of landmarks of history here at the Jersey Shore and there is a very special one in Lakewood.

There is so much history we drive by each and every day on the roads of Monmouth & Ocean Counties, and today we focus on that legendary spot we cruise by all the time right in Lakewood.

Of course we're talking about the legendary, historic Strand Theater, and here are 5 things you may not know about The Strand.

In Like A Lamb. It all started in the early 1900's when a famous architect named Thomas Lamb was asked to design a place that could attract Broadway talent to the town of Lakewood.

Roaring Like A Lion. It wasn't until the Roaring 20's when the doors first opened at the Strand Theater, and the like of presidents (Grover Cleveland) and household names like John D. Rockefeller were spending time in town.

Peacock Alley. The first event held at the Strand was the showing of a silent film named Peacock Alley. I guess you didn't have to whisper during that flick.

Broadway Dreams Do Come True. It didn't take long for the dream of the Strand to come true when the Devine Creek had a pre-Broadway run at the Strand.

Acoustically Sound. The Strand is widely considered to be one of the venues with the best acoustical sound in the entire nation.

Maybe you, or the kids got to check out the Strand on a school visit or maybe during one of their theater camps. It's another legendary location right in our midst, and we should take time to appreciate its place in our local history.

And here's to hoping things are back to normal for the celebration of the 100th anniversary of that original Peacock Alley showing!

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