When it comes to dating, I really believe firsts are the worst. First dates are full of nervous laughs, awkward pauses, and more sweating than anyone needs to see.

Seeing as a majority of first dates involve a meal...save yourself the trouble (and the loss of dignity). Here are 7 foods to never order on a first date:

1. Spaghetti

Here's the thing with spaghetti. It's messy. You'll spend more time focusing on twirling and trying not to slurp than getting to know your date. Aside from the fact that tomato sauce is notorious for flying around and staining everything and everything. Add to that the inevitable garlic breath...and well...go for a penne with vodka sauce or better yet, skip the pasta and get something like chicken.


There is no classy way to eat wings. I know, they are delicious, but it is impossible to eat them without looking like a caveman. You will get sauce all over your face and your hands, and lord knows, if the sauce is spicy, your nose will start running (and so will your date.)



It's the same premise as the wings. Gnawing on bones, sauce all over the place, it's just not a good look. Save this for when you no longer care if the person sees you looking like a mess.


This whole list came about because last night Duzzy and I were housing some nachos as if we were never going to eat again. It was sloppy at best. You have to do that weird head tilt, the cheese is melting all over the place, you're scooping things off the plate like an animal...and the first person who takes that chip with all the realllly good stuff on it? Well, neither of you should be that person on the first date. (For the record, he let me have it.)


I think we all know why THIS is a bad idea. It's just asking for trouble.

6.corn on the cob

Again, there is no dignified way to eat corn on the cob. Delicious, yes. Easy to eat? No way. You ever think about the sounds you make when you eat corn on the cob? It's slightly like a dinosaur. Then you get the little corn bits on your face and it winds up all stuck in your teeth...and no. Just no.


Here's the thing: Ladies, guys are hip to our game. Just eat something real. And actually eat it. (Half the time restaurant salads have more calories than anything else on the menu anyway.) If he thinks you're unattractive because you order a burger, then he is not the kind of guy you want to date anyway. And guys, no girl wants to date the guy who is just eating a salad for dinner. You might as well just call her a cow (and then call her a cab, 'cause it's over.)

So there you go. For the record, I'd probably also stay away from curry, weird foreign delicacies, and foods that generally cause breath/gastrointestinal issues.

Trust me, there's plenty of time in the future for you to leave your classiness at the door and dive into a plate of saucy goodness with reckless abandon.

What's the worst thing you (or someone else) ever ordered on a first date? Tell us below!