When you live at the Jersey Shore and have been for a while, it's easy to spot someone who isn't from here pretty quick. I asked our listeners on the 94.3 The Point Facebook to name some of the dead giveaways.

  • When You Hear Someone Complain They Can't Buy Beer at the Grocery Store

    Thanks to Eileen Carmody Shaklee for this one. I can't blame them for complaining though. Every time I travel and walk into a grocery store and see beer and boxes of cereal steps away from each other it brings a tear to my eye.

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  • They Feed The Seagulls

    Ruth Ellen Eisen got this one right. Some people don't know any better, or they never learn all together. Feed them once, and they'll never leave you alone! And let's be honest. The sound of gulls in the distance and at the beach is nice and all, but seagulls are really just rats with wings.

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  • Socks and Sandles

    Never a good look, which is probably why Debie Samms made the suggestion. I've always wondered why anyone would wear these two things together. It's got to be uncomfortable! You're really from the Shore if you risk boardwalk splinters.

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  • Heels On The Boardwalk

    This comment from Laura Harper White on our Facebook page. I don't know how women wear heels to begin with, let alone on the boardwalk when some hardcore coordination has to come into play.

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  • You Hear Someone Refer to Pork Roll As Taylor Ham

    The pork roll/Taylor Ham debate has been around as long as the glorious meat itself. One thing is fact. At the Jersey Shore, we call it pork roll. More often than not if someone asks for Taylor Ham, they're not from around here. Thanks, Adrian Abaquin

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  • Pedestrians At The Beach Don't Give Don't Give You The Courtesy Wave When You Let Them Cross

    Beach traffic is inevitable. If you're lucky enough to have someone stop and let you cross, it's an unwritten Jersey Shore rule that you give the driver the quick wave to say thanks and go on your way. As Russ Oliver pointed out, he doesn't get the wave all of the time on Ocean Ave. in Belmar.

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  • Saying You're Going To "The Shore" When Going To The Beach

    This was by far the number one giveaway that you're not local. When we go to where the ocean and sand are, we go to "the beach." If someone is already at near the beach and say that they're going to "the Shore," there's a 99% chance they aren't from around here.