Whenever your watching your team play away from home, there's bound to be some heckling. But, how would you handle getting trash talked by a 7-year-old?Check out this video from the Sports Dreams YouTube channel. The description is as follows:

This is a 7-year-old New York Jets fan. That says it all. The kid picks out the one Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan in his section of the upper deck at MetLife Stadium.

"Your defense is so soft you're gonna get out of New York."

"In your face, loser!"

"Shut your mouth! Pay attention!"


First off, it's a Jets fan which makes me biased off the bat. It's all about Big Blue with me. But back to the topic at hand. What would you do if you were in this section? Is this a kid getting caught up in being at a live game, or an obnoxious child destined to be a colossal pain in the butt year by year?


What would you do if this kid was heckling you or heckling someone in your section?