The Parkway can be an incredible time saver, but it comes with its share of headaches.

Many of us are on the GSP every day. It's a part of our routine. That's why I went to Facebook and asked friends to finish this sentence:

Everyone who drives the Parkway knows...

Some responses are jokes (with a little bit of truth mixed in) and others are just facts.

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    The Left and Middle Lanes Are For Driving Over 90

    Thanks to Colleen McCabe for this one. She's not wrong!

    ktsimage, Thinkstock
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    It's Still Much Better Than 287

    Amen Larry Boody, amen.

    (Claire Gellman)
  • 3

    People Who Don't Move Out Of The Left Lane Are Usually From New York

    You're right Donna Martemucci! We don't see red when we stuck behind one of these people, we see the blue and yellow NY plate that we are screaming at.

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    Keep Right, Pass Left. KEEP RIGHT, PASS LEFT!!!

    Jim Hallock's was the first to bring it up in the group. Understandably, his comment received many likes and loves.

    Vladimir Mucibabic, Thinkstock
  • 5

    65 Really Means 85

    Kara Guttormsen nailed it. The speed limit is really just a suggestion. In many cases, if you go under 80, you're going to get run off the road.

    amanalang, Thinkstock
  • 6

    You Better Be South of Perth Amboy By 2 pm On A Friday During The Summer

    This was a comment from John Murphy, and it's so true. This is also a good way to figure out who is from out of the area because locals know to avoid the GSP at these times. Brittani Smith comment goes to this one. "You're better off taking 18, 9, or 35 in the summer."

    Aleksandra Glustsenko, Thinkstock
  • 7

    "What Exit?"

    No explanation needed.

    Southbound exit 105 on the Garden State Parkway (YouTube)
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    Troopers Are Always Sitting In The Median Just After The Middletown Exit Heading South

    That's from Patrick Hussey. I've learned this the hard way. It's worth mentioning Danielle Sutton's suggestion. "Slow down where there are open areas are because 99.99% of the time there is a State Trooper waiting for you to slip up!"

    Joseph C. Justice Jr., Thinkstock